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Clay Rossi

Hi-Tech Angels and Demons

We live in a brave new world where our technology has outstripped our traditional attitudes and expectations. The law has struggled to keep up. Two recent news items encapsulate the current struggle. One concerns an individual’s legal rights to protect […]

Troy Schwant

United States Supreme Court to hear landmark case this morning….

Involving Wal-Mart and approximately 1.6 million plaintiffs. That is not a typo, 1.6 million plaintiffs. The lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart demonstrated gender bias in pay and promotions. Most…

Troy Schwant

Are you about to sign an employment contract?

More and more companies are requiring their prospective employees to enter into employment contracts, and in this economy, most prospective employees would sign anything if it meant they were able…

Troy Schwant

Sexual Harassment suit allowed to go forward against Home Depot…

The 11th Circuit Court of appeals reversed a granting of a summary Judgment by a Federal District Court Judge in favor of Home Depot.
Congratulations to the attorneys on behalf of the Plaintiffs,…

Troy Schwant

Supreme Court finds in favor of firefighters in controversial discrimination suit…

In a 5-4 decision the United States Supreme Court found in favor of the white firefighters in their discrimination lawsuit against the city of New Haven Connecticut.
This decision will certainly be…

Pete Mackey

Whistle Blowers And The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

A former employee of McDonalds has filed a “whistle—blower” lawsuit against the company alleging misrepresentions relating to executive compensation in its 2007 proxy statement….

Pete Mackey

The Ledbetter Act: Can Claims Arising Before It Became Law Go Forward?

Since President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, lawyers and legal commentators have been exploring the boundaries of this new law. The question is – can people file lawsuits for…

Pete Mackey

EEOC Whistleblower Protection – The Supreme Court Says Yes To His Employer

A unanimous Supreme Court held last week that an employee who provides information to his employer as part of a discrimination investigation is protected against retaliation for doing so. While…

Pete Mackey

The Fair Pay Act: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Has No Shame

Yesterday, I was forwarded an e-mail from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce warning me that trial attorneys are heading to Washington looking for a handout. I wondered what the Chamber thought about the…

Pete Burns

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Senators will vote on the Lilly Ledbetter bill when it comes for a final Senate vote in the very near future. The bill supports equal pay for equal work by removing a loophole that has allowed…