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When a woman experiences wage discrimination, a child is damaged by a dangerous drug, or a defective product kills or injures a worker most Americans agree compensation is in order. Traditional Americans believe that compensating the injured party at the expense of the wrongdoer promotes public policy.

Recently insurance companies, the Chamber of Commerce, pharmaceutical companies and others who are frequently called upon to compensate citizens have launched a public relations campaign to justify opposition to measures directed towards victim compensation by labeling such legislation as a “bail out of the trial lawyers.”

Don’t be fooled. What they are really saying is “we want to keep the profits we, and our members, have made from these wrongful activities.” It simply sounds better to blame trial lawyers for opposing remedial legislation than to openly say that the money stolen from the Lilly Ledbetters of the world should stay in the corporate coffers.

We say those who suffered injury should be compensated by those who caused the injury – even if it means a lawyer earns a fee.

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