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I played tennis today. Feeling pretty puny, even though I drank almost a half gallon of weak Gatorade while playing, I came back to my air conditioned house and sat under a ceiling fan for about 30 minutes. Only halfway back to life, I looked up Weather Underground and saw that the heat index in Mobile today was 109 degrees. Curious, I checked further – heat kills more people than earthquakes or hurricanes.

The potential for real problems from heat exposure is bigger than many people would believe. A few tips:

– Drink plenty of fluids:

– Make sure those fluids don’t contain alcohol;

– Pace yourself, it’s easy to go too far before you know it; and

– Perhaps most importantly, keep an eye on the very young and very old that you have contact with. They are the likeliest candidates for getting into the danger zone before they even know it.

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