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How will we pay for it? It’s un-constitutional. We are now the United Socialist States of America … Back off of the ledge, catch your breath, relax and count to ten. Think back two years – everyone agreed that healthcare costs were spiraling out of control. Yes – everyone. The debated issues were 1) the cause and 2) the cure. The former was the subject of a two year debate. The latter – the truly salient issue – was only developed by one side.

Those who disagreed with the proposed bill just screamed "no." And when it looked like that wasn’t working, they screamed "death panels." And when they saw that wasn’t working, they screamed "baby killer." But they never offered a plan B. Oh, sure, there some vague proposals mentioned. A true plan B, however, was never shown to the consumers.

Imagine these naysayers in a midwestern town on the verge of flooding. "Buying sand bags to protect private property is Socialism." "Why should we bail out individuals who made the poor personal decision to locate next to a river?" If you aren’t willing to pitch in and help solve the problem, you better get the hell out of the way.

Is this bill the cure? I don’t know. What will it really cost? I don’t know. What I do know is that something had to be done. Some folks gave it a shot. Some other folks just complained. The choice here was clear – be part of the solution or part of the problem. If you chose not to be part of the solution, that was your choice.

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