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Marketing your firm in new and inventive ways is one of the most crucial cogs in the small law firm machine. If you are unable to stay on top of new trends and tendencies in the advertising world you can be left waving as the competition zooms right past you. While, this seems like an obvious concept, it can be much more difficult to implement. Like new fads in a high school lunch room, new ideas and concepts come along about every other hour. However, many of these trends fizzle out much the same way that starter jackets did in the early 90s. The key is to finding what works for your firm and your audience. There are a few new concepts out there that are only being taken advantage of by a minority of law firms around the country, but could possibly revolutionize the way we market (at least this week). Like most in the legal industry, new ideas seem to be scoffed at more than accepted, but if you allow your firm to put some of these ideas in practice you may find your firm the entity being imitated and not the other way around.

One of these new concepts is posting case specific web cites. This is different from your main firm web site and should not be associated with the same. A Plaintiff’s law firm is going to be the most likely to find this an effective marketing tool. You control the filing of the complaint and what information is released. The reason this is so effective is that exposes the public (entire public) to your firm, advocates for your client and releases information to millions. The reason for this is wide use of search engines on the internet. What a basic case specific cite does is that it makes the public and the press aware of what issues the lawyers at X firm are fighting against. This is clearly most effective when dealing with issues that will affect the public interest. If you have a case site web address it allows members of the public and the press to go to one specific cite and access all news about what your firm is doing and what issues are likely to be at the forefront in the near future. Case specific "news" cites provide a powerful tool to further your exposure to the "Joe Public."

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