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Sounds silly doesn’t it? Unfortunately for some, it is not a joking matter. Technology is great, who doesn’t love being able to record live TV by clicking on just one button, the ability to check emails and sports scores on their phone, and know what everyone is doing no matter where you are in the world. The problem is that with all new innovations, it can lead to excess.

If you think Im only talking about your 14 year old daughter, think again. Facebook has been a boom for people over the age of 30, to reconnect with high school and college friends that people haven’t talked to in years. It is also a great marketing tool for businesses in order to have their message reach thousands of potential customers without costing them a penny. The problem is being able to visit Facebook without ending up living there for the day. Anyone with a facebook account has done this. It starts innocently enough by just clicking on some pictures from a wedding, all of a sudden you see someone that you haven’t thought of in years, and you click on their profile, and you see more pictures from other weddings, and then lather, rinse, repeat. Three hours later, you are wondering what happened, all of a sudden your den has turned into a Las Vegas casino, where time has lost all relevance, and you are asking yourself questions like, "When did it get dark?" and "Why am I so hungry all of a sudden?"

The problem with Facebook as I see it, is that people think they are being social, without actually interacting with another individual. In addition, Facebook now offers different games/groups like Mafia Wars and Farmville that can provide you with a distraction when you have been through every picture of every friend you have on facebook.

So are you addicted to facebook? Here is a great article on that discusses five clues that can help you decide if you are addicted to facebook.

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