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Last week newspapers across the country reported on another pet food scare over the possible presence of melamine, a dangerous chemical that may be linked to the recent pet deaths and pet food recalls, in farm feed. These defective products have raised serious concerns among many consumers.

Articles from various papers, including the Baltimore Sun, claimed that testing found melamine in hogs and chickens at farms in North Carolina, California and South Carolina. It was feared that this chemical could not only harm the animals, but possibly affect humans when consuming these possibly tainted meats.

According to an Associated Press report yesterday, however, the government claims that a recall is not necessary because “the risk to humans is very low from hogs that may have eaten contaminated pet food.”

Still, the article doesn’t prove very comforting to those of us who are not vegetarians, as it claims the following:

Several hundred hogs that had the food are believed to have been placed on the path to slaughter, but thousands more are still on farms in California, New York and South Carolina. Those states have been told that no meat from any of those hogs can enter the food supply.

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