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| Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C.

As someone who has two little boys in his family, Christmas is an eagerly anticipated time of year, both for the kids and the parents. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and I never once thought about safety or making sure that were no potential dangers, I thought about presents. Now that Im a parent, safety around Christmas has my attention.

Here is a a link to a safety checklist that is important for everyone to review –

Here are some other safety tips to follow around the holidays:

1) Getting into your car after you are finished shopping and immediately starting the car and head home. This tip is primarily for mothers who do most of the Christmas shopping for most families. Too many times shoppers will get back into their car, and do everything but start the car and head home. Don’t check that text messasge, don’t try to plug in your Iphone so you can listen to Christmas music on the way home, just start the car, and head home. Don’t let yourself be an inviting target for a criminal.

2) Check the toys that your child is getting for Christmas. If your child wants the hot toy for Christmas make sure that they are old enough to play with it, and there are no parts that may cause choking hazards for him, or possibly a younger sibling. As someone who really wants to buy his oldest son legos, the fact that I have a 9 week old in my home rules out Legos for the forseeable future.

3) Drinking and Driving. Holidays are known for great times with families and friends, but they are also known for alcohol. Not only should you always designate a driver or take a cab, but you should also be a defensive driver, knowing that not everyone will take a cab home from their Christmas party.

Hopefully everyone will have a safe and happy holidays.

Merry Christmas

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