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Many of our nation’s elderly have spent their entire lives supporting this county, be it through their service, their investment, their guidance, or any other fathomable form of aid, and yet these individuals are finding themselves at risk of physical, sexual, or mental injury in many of our nation’s nursing homes. There are over 16,000 nursing home facilities in the United States. More that 1.5 million Americans occupy these residences. These residents are at risk because they unknowingly are living amongst registered sex offenders and other residents with violent histories. According to the JereBeasleyReport (August 2008 Issue) and ABC News it was reported that there are 1,600 registered sex offenders living with seniors across the country in nursing homes/long-term care facilities. That is the equivalent of about ten registered sex offenders per facility. In addition, Congressional testimony, by Wes Bledsoe, reveals that there have been several rapes, murders, and assaults committed by criminal offenders in these facilities. This is simply unacceptable. With the rising costs of everyday life, it is unreasonable to believe that families will be able to take in and care for their elderly; not to mention very few individuals have the training needed to adequately care for these individuals. Families and seniors have a right to demand safety and excellent care in these facilities. This is a travesty that is falling under the radar, and is a true insult to those who came before us.

Source: Insurance Journal

JereBeasleyReport August 2008 Issue

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