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Dr. Judy Bonner: First Female University of Alabama President

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The Women Lawyers of the Mobile Bar Association, along with over one hundred of their professional peers from a broad cross-section of industries, were recently regaled with Dr. Judy Bonner’s stories bout her rural Alabama upbringing and her father’s influence on her career path. Most women lawyers I know and work with have similar stories: mentors in their lives encouraged and enabled their professional pursuits. Dr. Bonner’s father, an attorney, regularly hid news clippings under her pillow with stories of women in law and other professions excelling in their fields, or being awarded and acknowledged for their efforts.

All of these powerful and driven professional women were brought together by the Women Lawyers of the Mobile Bar at an event benefiting the Women’s Business Center, Inc.

Dr. Bonner‘s unanimous election to the presidency of the University of Alabama was announced last November. The  historically male-dominated position came open when the former president, Guy Bailey, resigned after only a few months on the job.