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What Is Tort Reform?

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Tort Reform is the process of changing the civil justice system to limit a claimant’s remedies and/or damages. It is sought by those who perceive the civil justice system as negatively impacting their financial bottom lines. It is not actually reform at all – it is a catchy name for legislation that hurts the consumer and helps big business.

We will be devoting this month to discussing the different aspects of tort reform, as well as its affect on everyone. We encourage debate.

As a starting point, why do we need it? Where is the empirical data that supports whatever plank of tort reform that the "reformer" seeks? Anecdotal reports will not be considered – that would be using "junk science," and "reformers" can’t do that. We would like to challenge "reformers" to lay it on the line. It’s a dunking booth with a plaintiffs’ attorney on the hot seat.