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Think something isn't your job, be careful it just might be..

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More and more people don’t realize what they are signing up for when they take new jobs and the fact that they are taking on new responsibilities. This is a big mistake that can come back to haunt them.

Some jobs have fiduciary duties that create legal obligations that a person will owe to third parties merely based upon their job title. Please be careful about the type of paperwork you sign because it could be creating a possible lawsuit against you if things go sour in the business relationship.

Our firm has recently been retained to represent an individual who is being sued based solely on what his job title was, not based upon anything he did. It is a very frustrating feeling to be sued based solely on what was on paper, versus what you actually did to someone.

When you take on a new job or even a new profession, please be sure to check and find out what you are signing up for, because you could be taking on responsibilities that you are not aware that you are accepting.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    As more people take on different jobs this may become a area of great interest and many questions. Thanks for taking the time to point some of the issues out.