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Question Your Lawyer

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We entrust some of our most important matters to attorneys. If the attorney you hire fails to properly represent you will you be able to recover your damages from your attorney? Most attorneys have legal malpractice insurance but not all do. If your attorney is “going bareback” you have the right to know – but only if you ask. An Allentown Pa. attorney recently had a $4.25 million dollar verdict entered against him for legal malpractice. There is a dispute as to whether the attorney was insured when the malpractice occurred so now the plaintiff must litigate with an insurance company to have any hope of recovering on the judgment.

Do not be shy about asking any question that concerns you before you hire an attorney. Does she have legal liability insurance? Has he handled a similar case before? What kinds of cases does she handle primarily? Will a partner or an associate have primary responsibility for working up your case? Those are just a few questions you should consider. A good attorney will want to know all about you before taking your case. Turn about is fair play.