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Missouri school bus accident shakes up students

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A school bus accident in Dexter, Missouri, has parents concerned about the safety of their children. A report from Heartland News 12 in Missouri details the accident, which resulted in minor injuries to students.

Thursday morning the driver apparently hit a slippery spot on the road, slid through an intersection and crashed. While parents are thankful the accident wasn’t much worse, many feel that they weren’t promptly notified after the crash.

Fortunately, students were only bumped and bruised a bit, but no serious injuries occurred. A girl on the bus recounts her experience:

“I flew forward. It was scary,” said 12-year old Merena Smith. Merena and her sister Keely, were on the bus. The accident was only minor. None of the students on board suffered serious injuries. But, still the girls were emotionally and physically shaken up.

The accident further fuels the argument for seat belts on school buses.