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John Stossel Is A Big Fat Liar

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In the book of Stossel, there are two things most revered – John and Stossel. He does not care if he gets it right. He does not care if his story offends. Correction – he wants it to offend. Liittle kids and their mothers – check. Women in general – check. Consumers – check. Sometimes he takes things out of context. Sometimes he slants the real data. Sometimes he just lies his ass off. He does not care, as long as it sells.

Oh, and he hates lawyers (like we couldn’t have figured that out, Pete). Except he likes them when he gets bitch slapped by a professional wrestler. Eric Turkewitz has a great recount on his blog, including video, of one of Stossel’s finer moments. It seems that the guy who hates lawyers hired own of his own. Eric reports that his case settled for $400,000. For two slaps in the face??? Why won’t you talk about that case, John? Is your lawyer one of those that you hate? Did he settle your case too cheap.

Fifty years ago, John Stossel would have been a carnival barker. Today, Fox News pays him a lot of money. Hmmm …