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Is Tort Reform the ultimate hypocrisy?

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Though this isn’t mean to be a political post, I think most would agree that Republicans are the main supporters of tort reform, and to me it seems that this philosophy is in stark contrast to the main principle of the Republican party, which is "small government".

Though some Republicans will not agree on some tenets of the Republican party ideals, if you believe in "big government" then there is probably not room for you in the Republican party. This makes tort reform seem completely inconsistent with the principle of "small government". How can a party be a proponent of small government, yet push the agenda of having the government put limits on how much a person’s life is worth, or how much a physician should pay when their negligence ends up costing a patient their life.

The next time you hear a politician saying they want small government, make sure that they also want small government when it comes to tort reform.