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Education crisis hits Baldwin County, Penny Tax decided tomorrow…

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This blog entry may only be about small county (Baldwin County) in Alabama, but what is happening in Baldwin County tomorrow is an event that is worthy of National attention. There is a vote tomorrow that will raise sales tax by one penny in Baldwin County in order to raise revenue. It is important to note that tourism is Baldwin County’s number source of revenue, and that tourists will be paying a significant portion of this tax.

The tax will raise $25 million in revenue for schools. School officials say the whole future of Baldwin County schools is in jeopardy, if it doesn’t pass. Here is the interesting part, some people are actually against it. Some elected officials are actually against it. Right now Alabama is spending thousands and thousands of dollars fighting the war on Bingo, that is right I said Bingo, and yet a cent tax increase to keep schools open in Baldwin county is not receiving the full support of Baldwin County.

If you are reading this blog and live in Baldwin County, please go to the polls tomorrow and vote in favor of the penny tax, your children’s education will depend on it.