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Big Brother is watching….

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Well it only took 25 years longer than expected, but Big Brother is finally here. No, Im not talking about the government, Im talking about Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. If you haven’t joined one of these sites, you are one of the few remaining holdouts. Most people think, these are harmless sites that are a means to catch up with old friends and check in on long lost friends. Well those people are right and wrong.

Sites like Facebook can be a great way to catch up with people that you haven’t spoken with in a long time, but please don’t think they are the only ones watching.

In the last week, a man who worked for the Philadelphia Eagles posted on his facebook page that, the "Eagles are retarded for not re-signing Brian Dawkins". Just seems like an irate fan posting that he disagreed with a decision of his favorite sports team, not very special. In the words of Lee Corso, Not so fast my friend. He was fired days after making this post on his facebook page. He had worked for the Eagles for several years.

Please remember that your facebook, myspace or twitter page can sometimes reach millions of people in an instant, and that is not always a good thing.