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Are first responders being treated fairly by your insurance company?

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Every day paramedics, firefighters and policemen put their lives on the line to help respond to the needs of the public. Over the last few years these brave individuals have become known as first responders. These brave men and women are on our roads and are routinely putting themselves at a higher risk for injury due to their profession. One would think that insurance companies of drivers that harm first responders would make sure to do everything possible to compensate them for the injuries their insureds have caused, but unfortunately that doesn't happen.

Over the last twelve months our office has represented a policemen and a paramedic both of whom were injured while on the job by other drivers who were recklessly operating their vehicles. Instead of making sure that these first responders were compensated, they have forced them to sue them in court and take them to the trial. Despite the fact that the people that actually injured these first responders do not want to go to trial and want their insurance company to make a reasonable payment to these first responders, they are forced to defend their actions and be exposed to a potential excess verdict in the event the verdict in favor of the first responder exceeds their insurance coverage.

Instead of the insurance company protecting their own clients, they are exposing them to judgments as well as simply not doing the right thing and compensating these first responders for the injuries their insured caused.