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Tort Reform – As Seen In The Movies

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Remember the opening scene in the movie "10"? The elderly woman sitting in a chair against the wall lets one loose, whereupon the sleeping dog next to her bolts out of the room. As Dudley Moore watches in wonderment, the butler explains, "whenever Mrs. Kissel breaks wind, we beat the dog."

And so it goes with tort reform. Malpractice carriers raising their rates? Beat the dog. Too many OB/GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country (note to W – the awesome quote does not make up for the lie)? Beat the dog. Need to throw a bone to the naysayers in order to get a healthcare bill passed? Beat the dog. What do they do when beating the dog doesn’t lower malpractice premiums or lower healthcare costs? At that point, it doesn’t matter, because it was never about the dog, anyway.