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FDA Issues Warnings on Schizophrenia Drug Haldol

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The FDA issued serious new warnings about Johnson and Johnson’s schizophrenia drug Haldol, generically known as haloperidol. The drug was reported to have caused several life-threatening heart conditions in patients using the medication at higher than recommended dosages or taking the drug intravenously, which is not an FDA recommended use for haloperidol.

Haldol is reported to have caused several cardiovascular events ranging from sudden death to QT prolongation, mostly in patients using the drug intravenously or intramuscularly. According to media reports, there have also been problems with newer schizophrenia drugs like Invega.

Schizophrenia drugs have long been known for their numerous side effects such as tardive dyskinesia, which impart a Parkinsonian effect on the user. Many of the newer antipsychotics are not burdened by as many side effects as older antipsychotics, but they are still reputed to cause weight gain and problems with diabetes.

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