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Ambien sleep aid side effects

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The prescription drug Ambien (genericly named zolpidem) has been reported to cause serious side effects, including disorientation, sleep walking, and more, according to an article published on WorstPills.org. (http://www.worstpills.org/member/newsletter.cfm?n_id=529)

A Democratic representative from Rhode Island reported crashing his car near the Capitol building in Washington while disoriented after taking a prescribed amount of Ambien.

A woman in Australia reported gaining 51 pounds in 7 months while taking Ambien, and finally discovered that she was sleepwalking to the refrigerator at night and binge-eating.

“In March of this year … zolpidem again received a great deal of media attention when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked manufacturers of sleeping pills (those used to induce and/or maintain sleep) to include stronger language concerning potential risks of sleep walking and serious allergic reactions in their product labeling.”