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Lawsuit over defective hernia repair patch

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A law firm out of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, filed suit on behalf of a client earlier this month against Davol, Inc., maker of the Composix Kugel Mesh Patch used in hernia repair surgeries.

The plaintiff claims that he experienced severe abdominal pain after his hernia repair surgery and had to undergo bowel dissection surgery to have the defective hernia repair patch removed.

The news release from law firm Motley Rice details the case:

During surgery to repair the second hernia, a piece of the failed Kugel Mesh patch was discovered adhered to Mr. Warren’s bowel. Mr. Warren was subjected to a prolonged bowel dissection to release the mesh from his bowel, leaving him with chronically inflamed bowels, as well as ongoing physical pain and mental anguish. It is alleged that the manufacturers of the Kugel Mesh Patch were aware of the high degree of complication and failure rate of the product.

The Kugel Patch was recalled in 2005, one year after the plaintiff’s original surgery.