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Gilchrist & Soames Recalls Toothpaste Made in China

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Gilchrist & Soames issued a statement on Monday that it would undertake an international recall of its toiletry-sized toothpastes that independent tests confirmed have high concentrations of DEG, or diethylene glycol, a noxious substance used in antifreeze.

Gilchrist & Soames, an Indianapolis-based company, supplies miniature toothpastes to luxury hotels all over the world. The current recall affects inventories in 17 countries and was discovered after independent testing revealed concentrations of DEG at higher than recommended FDA levels. There have been no poisonings or illnesses reported to date, but exposure to DEG is not recommended.

There have already been numerous other recalls owing to similar DEG-related concerns, and the Gilchrist & Soames recall is just the latest in a string of Chinese toothpaste recalls.