Mobile, Alabama


Dottie Perry

Wrongful Death in Mississippi: Legislature Steps in to Help Determine Who Has “Standing to Sue”

It is a rare but welcome opportunity in the life of a young lawyer to argue a case before an appellate court, especially a Supreme Court. Such an opportunity presented itself to me last year,…

Pete Burns

Fire danger from laptop computers in bed

My wife sent me an email about a fire death thought to have been caused by a laptop computer the decedent was using in bed before he fell asleep. The theory was that the air intake for the cooling…

Chrissie Cole

John Ritter's Widow to Speaks at Wrongful Death Trial

John Ritter’s widow sat before jurors, on Monday, at her late husband’s wrongful death trial and gave testimony about the events that led up to the actor’s death in 2003.The family is suing a radiologist who performed a body scan on him two years prior and the cardiologist who treated him on the day he died, claiming both doctors misdiagnosed his condition.Ritter died from a torn aorta, but was…