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Billy Cunningham

Replacing Gas Pipes Reduces Leaks, Lessens Explosion Risk

Billions of dollars have been spent on pipeline replacement programs over the last decade to prevent invisible gas leaks from aging or damaged pipelines, and it is having a dramatically positive impact on leaks, according to a newly released study […]

Pete Mackey

OSHA Ignores Long Term Safety Threats

You know it as OSHA. It's the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a government agency created by President Nixon to oversee health issues in the workplace. A recent New York Times…

Pete Burns

Tort Reform: What's in a Name?

The change the reformers want to persuade the American people to enact is to abandon the Constitutional protection of a righ to trial by jury. Rather than allow a group of 12 disinterested citizens…

Pete Mackey

Wyoming Looks To Improve Worker Safety

Wyoming lawmakers are taking steps to improve on the state’s abysmal work safety record. Wyoming had more work place fatalities per 100,000 workers than any other state in 2007. To Governor…

Billy Cunningham

Labor and Materialmen Protect Yourselves

If you are a contractor, subcontractor or a person who supplies labor or material on a construction job whether residential or commercial, you need to protect yourselves in this market. We are now…

Chrissie Cole

Six Charged With Filing False Storm Claims

Following a federal grand jury indictment earlier this week, six Orlando-area residents have been arrested by federal officials and charged with filing false storm claims with the federal government in 2005.Each of the six individuals arrested, are being charged in separate indictments, and accused of filing and collecting $2,000 in disaster assistance claims with the Federal Emergency…

Chrissie Cole

Crane Operator Injured in Worksite Accident

An Omaha crane operator suffered on the job injuries, in a construction accident, when the 140,000 pound crane he was on slipped down an embankment and into the Papio Creek trapping him inside the cab.The worker was trapped for almost an hour. Firefighters were able to release him from the cab with the Jaws of Life, according to the Omaha Fire Department.He was treated for hypothermia and is…

Staff Writer

Study says weight affects risk of worksite injury

A workplace injury study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Injury Research and Policy says that obesity can increase the risk of a worksite injury. Published in May 2007, in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the study’s findings show that a body mass index (BMI) in the obese category significantly raises the possibilities for trauma injuries on the job. Of…

Staff Writer

Hispanic group promotes workplace safety

The Birmingham News reported last week that a team of Hispanic business owners and contractors has come together to create the Association of Hispanic Contractors to help improve workplace safety in the area. The group of 55 seeks to lower workplace injuries.”Our focus is on education and safety,” said Martinez, president of the new group. “Safety in our community is a big issue and with us…

Staff Writer

North Carolina man dies of injuries

The Fayette Observer reported that a man crushed by a backhoe at a gravel pit died from his worksite injuries. As he was operating the backhoe on the job at his family’s gravel pit, it slid off an embankment and flipped onto him. He was sadly crushed, and died about one week later. Many workplace injuries occur each year, sometimes because of worker mistakes and sometimes because the right…