Mobile, Alabama


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Tractor-trailer overturns and kills driver

The Press-Register reported today that a Mississippi truck driver died Thursday when his tractor-trailer overturned on Franklin Creek Road near the Alabama-Mississippi state line. According to the report, the truck accident occurred when the driver was attempting to get on I-10 east ramp at 5:30 a.m. The gasoline tank the truck was trailing leaked. The road remained closed until 12:30 p.m.

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Truck hits and kills woman walking in road

Early Sunday morning, a woman walking down Alabama 20 during a heavy rainstorm was struck and killed by a pick-up truck. The Decatur Daily News covers the story of this tragic motor vehicle accident.The driver, who was not charged in the accident, said that his visibility was limited and the pedestrian was walking in the middle of the left lane, wearing dark clothing. Trinity police believe she…

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Fog-related truck accident

The Demopolis Times reported an accident Saturday involving two semi-trucks in an accident at the junciton fo U.S. Highway 80 and Alabama Highway 69. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but one driver was injured. Thick fog in the area contributed to the accident, which happened at 4 a.m. Both trucks overturned, spilling their loads and causing the road to be partially closed until 10 a.m.

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Truck drivers with rap sheets linked to accidents

An Associated Press news story out of Dallas, Texas reports that as much as one quarter of big rig truck drivers involved in fatal truck accidents from 2000 to 2005 had past records of criminal activity. The report says that:The Dallas Morning News’ analysis discovered that of 953 truckers faulted in fatal crashes during that time frame, at least one in four had been convicted of a criminal…

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Dangerous cycle of truck driving

An interesting article in the Baltimore Sun points out the dangers of long hours and difficult schedules for truck drivers and others on the roads. The article points to the increased demands of the growing global economy as a driving factor in the more grueling schedules truck drivers must keep. Our country’s 350,000 independent truckers may feel it the most, since they’re paid by the delivery…

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Disturbing trucking accident statistics

Tractor-trailers, otherwise known as semis or large trucks, are involved in nearly 500,000 traffic accidents each year. Of these, nearly 5,000 result in death, and many others in severe injuries. Another disturbing statistic is that one out of every eight motor vehicle accident fatalities involves a tractor-trailer collision. In most of these accidents, the truck drivers are unharmed, but…

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Problems in Texas affect citizens in other states

It appears that the state of Texas has been doing a very poor job of regulating the trucking industry. As a result, trucks from Texas can create safety hazards when these trucks travel into other states. It should be noted that the trucking industry in the U.S. has grown at a rapid pace. That has also been the case in the Lone Star State. It appears that the trucking industry’s growth has…

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Settlement in death case

Beasley Allen recently reached a settlement of $4 million dollars with David Bulger, Inc., a trucking company, in a highway construction project death case. The settlement, which was partial in nature, was only for the claim against that company. We still have a claim pending against Wiregrass Construction Company, the general contractor on the project, which we believe has at least equal…