Mobile, Alabama


Billy Cunningham

Replacing Gas Pipes Reduces Leaks, Lessens Explosion Risk

Billions of dollars have been spent on pipeline replacement programs over the last decade to prevent invisible gas leaks from aging or damaged pipelines, and it is having a dramatically positive impact on leaks, according to a newly released study […]

Dottie Perry

High Hurdles: Proving Slip and Fall Cases in Alabama

I read a Minnesota lawyer's post today that described his state's mentality toward victims of slip and fall incidents, which closely mirrors Alabama's: put simply, don't waste…

Troy Schwant

You had an accident, what to do next. Part 2 of 3…..

In my last blog post, we gave you some tips as to what to do if you had a motor vehicle accident, this post will be helpful if you have an accident while at a store, which normally is described as a…