Mobile, Alabama


Billy Cunningham

Wells Fargo’s Sham Accounts Joins Forces with Arbitration’s Injustices

Most everyone knows of Wells Fargo creating sham accounts for customers allowing their bank officers to get bonuses.  The bank’s new CEO promised to correct these errors as his highest priority and to restore trust in Well Fargo.  According to […]

Troy Schwant

The Erin Andrews verdict sparks reactions that are hard to understand….

Here are the fact as I understand them: In 2008, Michael David Barrett filmed Andrews in her hotel room through peepholes at the Nashville Marriott. In 2009 one of these videos, in which Andrews appeared totally nude, was posted online […]

Troy Schwant

Visual termite damage is usually the tip of the iceberg…

As someone who has moved five times in the last ten years, I am very familiar with home inspections and the concern that every seller has when an inspection report shows some evidence of termite damage.  Normally a home inspector […]

Clay Rossi

Are Smart Meters Safe Meters?

They are called smart meters. In essence, a smart meter is an electronic utility meter which sends wireless (RF) data transmissions in order to save utility companies the costs of using human meter readers. While cost effective for power, water, […]

Clay Rossi

Beware the TPP: Stealth Trade Pact Looms

It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). It’s a been heralded as the “the most important trade agreement in a generation” and yet you probably have never heard of it. That is because negotiations “have been conducted in extreme secrecy.” […]

Clay Rossi

Hi-Tech Angels and Demons

We live in a brave new world where our technology has outstripped our traditional attitudes and expectations. The law has struggled to keep up. Two recent news items encapsulate the current struggle. One concerns an individual’s legal rights to protect […]

Dottie Perry

Exodus from 11th Circuit Presents A Ripe Opportunity…That Will Likely Rot

The opportunity to nominate some new, young, fresh-faced, and open-minded appointees to the 11th Circuit is not one the executive branch is apt to squander, but their efforts will be in vain.

Dottie Perry

Fireworks Spark Unintended Fires on Independence Day

We cant seem to escape the news of out-of-control fires lately. In recent months, droughts and lightening storms have rapidly increased reports of wildfires, property damage and loss of life. During the week of the 4th of July, the risk of more of the […]

Clay Rossi

Don’t Question the Water Board Pro Se

What if you feared that something was wrong with your local tap water? What if you thought that the water was making your children sick? Would you report your concerns to the appropriate…

Dottie Perry

Wildfire Safety, Prevention and Health Effects

My family spends a considerable amount of time in rural Dallas County, Alabama. It's primarily farmland and timber land, interspersed with pockets of residences and small businesses. Walking…