Mobile, Alabama


Clay Rossi

Does Your Cancer Doctor Know What They Should

There is a famous story, perhaps apocryphal, concerning what happened in the cigar-filled back rooms of the 1920 Republican National Convention which produced the surprise nominee Warren G. Harding. As the story goes, certain factions allegedly pushed for Harding because […]

Dottie Perry

Informed Consent in Alabama – A Clear Basis for Medical Malpractice Claims

Part of a doctor’s duty in treating his or her patients involves educating the patient.  A close relative of mine just retired from the long-time practice of medicine in Alabama, and he has described to me the extent to which […]

Dottie Perry

Recent Alabama Supreme Court Decision on Medical Malpractice Experts

Since the retirement of Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, Alabama’s Supreme Court has become one of the most conservative in the nation. Conservatism goes hand-in-hand with the defense Bar,…

Pete Burns

Whose side is your doctor on?

It has long been the law in many states that if a patient files suit for personal injury his or her treating physicians are free to discuss the patient’s medical condition with lawyers for the other…

Billy Cunningham

Caps on Damages Make No Sense

The Republican proposal on health care reform has provisions to limit compensation for non-economic injuries to persons injured or killed as the result of medical malpractice including residents of…

Pete Burns

AHA Advocates substituting good ole boys for juries

The American Hospital Association is advancing a bizarre version of malpractice “reform”. It advocates substituting a local panel of experts appointed by state authorities for juries….

Pete Burns

CBO Report

The Congressional Budget Office has determined that limiting the rights of malpractice victims would only result in three tenths of one percent savings in medical cost….

Pete Mackey

Tort Reform – As Seen In The Movies

Remember the opening scene in the movie 10? The elderly woman sitting in a chair against the wall lets one loose, whereupon the sleeping dog next to her bolts out of the room. As Dudley Moore…

Billy Cunningham

Study Does Not Support Changing Med-Mal Tort System

In December, 2008, the Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) prepared a study paper entitled Key Issues in Analyzing Major Health Insurance Proposals. One of the issues addressed…

Pete Burns

Replace "Deny & Defend" with "Honesty & Apology"

Tying “Tort Reform” to health insurance reform could benefit both the doctors and the patients. The typical victim of a medical error wants fair compensation not a lawsuit. Most doctors…