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Clay Rossi

Amazon Drones: Flying Blind Into Danger

On a recent episode of 60 Minutes¬†Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company has plans to have drone “octocopters” deliver products to customers within 30-minutes of ordering. If you haven’t seen the promotional Amazon video for the service to […]

Pete Burns

Limiting damages without knowing the facts is stupid.

The problem with caps – artificial ceilings on the amount that a wrong doer will have to pay regardless of the damage caused – is that caps trade justice for predictability while dealing…

Chrissie Cole

Chicago Train Derails Sending Dozens to the Hospital

An Amtrak train traveling to Chicago from Grand Rapids derailed and plowed into the back of a freight train, Friday, injuring dozens of people. Eight of the 187 passengers were seriously injured in the train accident, according to authorities. Three people in the engine of the Amtrak train, apparently all Amtrak employees, were among the most seriously injured, said Larry Langford, a spokesman…

Staff Writer

Truck and Green Line Train collide in Boston

A story out of Boston today details a metro green line train crash that held up the morning commute for many and caused three injuries. WCVBTV/DT 5 reports the story, saying that the trolley train crash occurred at 7:15 a.m. when a flatbed truck was crossing the tracks at Beacon Street. The truck driver and two others were injured in the train accident. There is no update on the severity of…

Staff Writer

Two fatal train crashes in two days on same route

In a tragic story out of Florida, two train-vehicle collisions resulted in injury and death on the same Amtrack route just two days apart.Forbes.com reported the details of both accidents involving Amtrack trains en route from Miami to New York. On Monday four people died in a car that reportedly drove around another car and barriers into the path of a train full of passengers in Lakeland,…

Staff Writer

Fatal weekend wreck claims three lives

A rising senior at University of Alabama and three other passengers died in a tragic weekend car crash on a Georgia highway, reports The Crimson White campus newspaper.The UA senior reportedly died in the accident that happened around midnight when the driver of a 2005 Jeep Liberty lost control of the SUV and flipped the vehicle several times. Apparently three other passengers who were not…

Staff Writer

Railroad safety becomes big issue in Alabama

CSX and retired NASCAR driver Bobby Allison are combining efforts to publicize railroad-crossing safety among the general public at the Talladega Superspeedway, said a report from The Associated Press.Train collisions have recently been responsible for a number of deaths in Alabama, so CSX has created a public safety campaign entitled, “Keep on Living.” This will include radio public service…

Staff Writer

Another side to the train safety debate

In an article last week in The Decatur Daily, residents in Falkville protested over the CSX recommendation of closing a railroad crossing after deadly accidents have occurred there. CSX blieves that the safety of motorists and its own employees is at stake. Cain, a former locomotive engineer, said safety is the driving force behind CSX’s appeal. “We’re running 32 trains per day through town, and…

Staff Writer

Train crossing safety up for debate

An interesting article from The Decatur Daily addresses the need for crossing gates at railroad crossing, and the lack of action from the roilroad companies. The columnist points to the recent death of a man in Limestone County, who died after being hit by a train while operating farming equipment. If there had been an automated gate to warn him of the train, this man’s life would have been…

Staff Writer

Van-train collision claims four lives

An deadly train accident early Thursday morning is said to have been the Thorsby area’s sixth train-vehicle wreck in just two years, according to The Birmingham News. Eight men were riding in a van when they collided with a 38-car CSX train that was hauling automobiles and had two locomotives. Residents and others say the railroad crossing was missing an arm of the “X” and had a damaged sign….