Mobile, Alabama


Clay Rossi

Water, Water Everywhere — Is It Safe to Drink?

I still remember my first exposure to the nutty idea. I was reading an anthology of humorist P.J. O’Rourke’s early work from his National Lampoon days. There is was, dripping with satire, a flow chart about how fluoridated water was turning America’s […]

Troy Schwant

The beginning of the end for football?

Two days ago, a Colorado jury awarded 11.5 million in a lawsuit against Riddell and several high school coaches and administrators over a child's brain injuries incurred as a result of…

Billy Cunningham

Warning! Railroad Tracks!

Have you ever wondered why some railroad crossing have flashing lights and gates, why some only have cross-buck warnings and some do not have anything (hopefully there are none of these)?…

Troy Schwant

“Are you going to let your kids play football?”

I get asked this question probably once a week. For those people reading my blog for the first time, I have three boys, 5, 2 1/2, and 1 respectively. I live in Mobile, Alabama which is a state…