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Billy Cunningham


Taking the wrong prescription drug, too many of a prescribed drugs or missing the wrong prescription drugs can harmful. Regarding opioids, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced March 22, 2016 that it is requiring class-wide safety labeling changes for […]

Billy Cunningham

Alabama Fungal Meningitis CDC Health Alert

With all the news about fungal meningitis outbreak, a lot of us in Alabama have breathed a sigh of relief because none of the products were apparently shipped to or actually used in…

Troy Schwant

FDA finds E. Coli in Nestle Cookie Dough Sample…

How many times have you herad that one more cookie won’t kill you? Well today’s news release by the FDA, shows that this may not be true.
Here is the full…

Troy Schwant

FDA warns against using certain nasal cold remedy products…

According to this report, the FDA warns that using certain Zicam nasal cold remedies can reduce and in some cases completely eliminate the sense of smell in some users.
Please check your medicine…

Trevor Reid

Placebo Prescribing: a surprisingly common lie and its risk

National Public Radio reported today that prescription of placebos by American doctors may be a common practice. Placebos are a form of off label use where the medicine is not shown to treat a…

Pete Burns

Off Label Uses of Prescription Drugs

Off label use is a drug is prescribed for a purpose, at a dose, or through a route of administration that has not been approved by the FDA. After clinical testing the FDA approves drugs for specific…

Pete Burns

Durogesic Patch – Informed Consent

We represent a lady who has experienced brain damage as the result of inappropriate prescription of a Durogesic Patch. She had one day surgery and was sent home wearing a Durogesic Patch. The…

Pete Burns

Medical Malpractice

Desipramine is a dangerous drug which has been associated with sudden deaths in children and adolescents.

Chrissie Cole

Baxter Recalls Heparin After Allergic Reactions

On Monday, Baxter announced they are temporarily suspending the production of the drug Heprin, after 350 negative reactions have been reported in conjunction with the drug. The active ingredient in Heprin, a blood-thinning medication, was reportedly made at a Chinese facility that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) failed to inspect, according to a report in the Wall Street…

Chrissie Cole

FDA Approves Update to Ortho Evra Patch Label

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved revisions to the current Ortho Evra Contraceptive Patch label. The updated labels will reflect results from a new study that found users of the patch were at an increased risk of developing serious blood clots (also known as (VTE – venous thromboembolism), than those women who use birth control pills.The study was conducted by Boston…