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Billy Cunningham

Avoiding Accidents With Bicycle Safety

I see more and more people riding bikes along the roadways- adults not just kids- like when I grew up.  These are people out for exercise and relaxation.  I recently had a good friend die of a traumatic brain injury […]

Pete Mackey

Will You Try My Case?

Twenty years ago, a prospective client would often ask me if I was up to the task of trying their case. Perhaps it was my youth or lack of gray hair. I rarely get asked that question now, but…

Pete Mackey

What Is A Frivolous Lawsuit?

This weekend, a woman asked me why there so many more frivolous lawsuits filed now than in the old days. I told her that I couldn't address her question and needed more information. What are…

Pete Mackey

Picking a Lawyer

You have been injured in a wreck. The driver of the other car ran a red light and t-boned you. The insurance adjuster is leaning on you to settle your claim. But my doctor says that I may need…

Clay Rossi

Comet Foretells Changes to Come

In many ancient cultures, comets were viewed has harbingers of change – sometimes doom, death and destruction. The year 2013 is being heralded as the year of the comet. Apropos of…

Pete Mackey

What Can I settle My Case For? Part 4

In my last three posts, we have been using a hypothetical situation to discuss the various factors involved in settling a personal injury case. In my latest post, our client Jane authorized us to…

Pete Mackey

What Can I settle My Case For? Part 3

In my last post, I raised a hypothetical situation as a way to discuss a lawsuit settlement more spcifically. This week, let's move five months down the road and get into the negotiating…

Troy Schwant

Is your lawyer protecting you or the insurance company?

If you are currently a defendant in a lawsuit, its possible that your attorney is thinking about how to protect your insurance company and not you. Most, if not all car wreck cases involve a…

Pete Mackey

What Can I Settle My Case For? Part 2

In my last post, I talked generally about different factors that go into a settlement calculation. In this post, we will develop a hypothetical situation to discuss specifics. The scenario where…

Billy Cunningham

Trailers Can Maim and Kill

After my last post regarding awnings separating from RVs, http://mobile.legalexaminer.com/defective-and-dangerous-products/rv-awnings-can-become-missiles.aspx?googleid=306504, I…