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Super Bowl Sunday, not just a game….

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With Super Bowl Sunday just a little over a week away millions across the country are making preparations to travel to their Super Bowl Party of choice. Some may go to the local sports bar, some may watch the game at a friend’s house, but what is certain is that almost everyone will get to and from their Super Bowl party in an automobile, and unfortunately a high percentage of those people will have consumed at least two alcholic beverages before getting behind the wheel.

With the Super Bowl lasting over four (4) hours, the chances that the party goers will have more than two drinks, is quite high, and in fact, according to this article, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, stated that 39 percent of all traffic fatalities last year occurred on Super Bowl Sunday.


The article give five simple steps to make sure you have a fun but safe Super Bowl Sunday:

- Designate a sober driver for your guests.

- Serve a lot of food, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

- Stop serving alcohol after the third quarter of the game.

- Keep local cab numbers handy for guests after the game.

- Take the car keys away from guests who drink alcohol.

No matter who you are cheering for in this year’s game please be sure that you follow these steps if you are hosting or attending a Super Bowl party.