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Get Off the Phone

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Every year, well really every month for that matter, our cell phones appear to be able to perform more and more functions. They truly have become computers in the palm of our hand connecting us to anyone at anytime. Unfortunately, their distracting nature is causing tragic accidents on our road ways.

I was in Orlando, Florida, last weekend visiting a friend, and venturing out to the wonderful world of Disney. I had not been a passenger in a vehicle in a long time so I decided to watch the number of drivers who were texting not talking, and to my amazement I counted nearly one hundred. This is completely crazy to me. In order to text unless you are thirteen and just have a supernatural ability to type on your phone without looking texting requires you to lower your eyes and view the screen, thereby taking your eyes off the road. This was extremely alarming considering we were blazing down the Interstate 4 at speeds of at least 70 mph.

I know that since the radio was placed in the car people have been shouting about the dangers of distracting the driver and very little headway has been made. But texting is simply too much. Unfortunately, we usually wait until something happens that affects our own lives to initiate change, but in this case I urge you to impress upon your State legislators to pass legislation that outlaws the use of cell phones while driving. There is simply no need for such a distracting practice to be allowed. So please put the phone away when you are on the road ways.