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Are eighteen wheelers drivers becoming the new dominos delivery drivers?

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We all remember in the late 80’s the famous "30 minutes or its free" pizza guarantee that Dominos advertised. Well it was a very successful, but dangerous ad campaign. Domino drivers started driving recklessly and unfortunately innocent bystanders were the casualties of this ad campaign.

Well almost twenty years later, it appears Fed Ex Freight may be the next company to offer these delivery guarantees.


Please be extra cautious while traveling the roads, because you may be traveling with drivers who are under deadline to get their packages to their destination and in this economy, truck drivers are not going to run the risk of losing their job because they failed to miss a deadline.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    These deadlines don’t make overall safety sense. Hopefully, they will rethink this before they have the same type of disasters on the road. Very helpful information.