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American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends rear facing car seats for kids up to Two years old…

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Recently, one of the partners at my law firm, Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, blogged with the recommendation of having your child secured in a rear facing car seat versus being in a front face car seat. Well the Ameican Academy of Pediatrics have recently commented that the safest position for your young child is rear facing, which our law firm has been advocating.

As referenced in the article below:

The reason behind this conclusion is pretty simple. When an accident occurs and a child is rear facing the force of the accident is distributed evenly over the entire body, forward facing children, because the force of the car crash is concentrated on seat belt contact points, can suffer from neck and head injuries because children’s necks are weak and their heads are disproportionately large for their little necks. Dr. Bull, who wrote the commentary for Pediatrics, states, “…it is far better to send children to orthopedic specialists to have lower extremities treated, than to send them to neurological specialists to have cervical spine injuries treated.”

Please make sure to have your car seats professionally installed or checked, before placing your child in them. To read more about the recommendation, please read this article: